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Pete Scotti

Scotti’s Original Springs® Bourbon was born from Pete Scotti’s love of original Kentucky straight bourbon. In 1935, Pete Scotti opened a liquor store in downtown St. Louis, MO where customers – businessmen, lawyers, government workers, and other everyday people – could belly up to the bar for a drink or buy a bottle for the road. Scotti’s love of whiskey and bourbon quickly developed into a desire to produce his own handcrafted, yet reasonably-priced bourbon.

A Family Legacy Lives On

A few years ago, Doug Scotti rediscovered his grandfather’s bourbon online. In an effort to reconnect with his family legacy, Doug decided to revive Scotti’s Original Springs.

The Original Bottle

Today, we’re recapturing Pete Scotti’s passion,

distilling a hearty bourbon for the everyday person.

Everyday Bourbon

Distilled with the perfect combination of nostalgia and innovation, Scotti’s Original Springs captures the feel of a 1940s bourbon with a modern, bold taste.


Our Private Stock bourbon is distilled in California using locally sourced ingredients. Aged 3 years with an ABV of 63%, California-grown purple barley, rye, and corn form the foundations for our high-quality, smooth bourbon.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

Originally native to the Tibetan mountains, purple barley breathes new life into the original blend of Scotti’s Original Springs Private Stock. This rare heirloom grain, now grown in California, provides a distinct, nutty taste, hearty in flavor and finish.

Taste the Difference

Download a Flavor Profile to learn more about our ingredients and the distillation process.

Scotti's Original Springs Straight Bourbon Bottle

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Scotti's Original Springs Private Stock Bottle

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